E. Dannielle Slaughter

Ringling College of Art + Design
Fine Arts- 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Semester Plan: Thesis Fall 2010

My hypothesis broke down: In order to make the incompatible [two separate mediums that do not work together] compatible [two or more mediums that work together, either visually or emotionally] (referring to material) you must pair the impossible [not actual] with the possible [actual or observed] (referring to content and subject matter).

In regards to specific subject matter, I want to start with observations and push the humorous and playful non-realities that I feel should be present in the every day observed. I plan to have sculpture based paintings and installations.

I have two goals in regards to my work; I want to remove the restraints we have places on our own personal realities and for my work to be un-definable by medium. I guess the best way to say that I am doing this because I would like to put visually the way that I see and would like to see the world in which I exist.

Because my work starts from the observed, the best research I can do is to just try and overload my senses as much as I can on a daily basis and keep a book of what I am seeing, reading, eating, listening to, touching, and feeling, along with my thoughts, reactions, likes/dislikes, emotional and physical responses and ideas about all that I am seeing.

I would like to have around ten large-scale pieces done by my thesis show on 29 October.

7 Sept. – 27 Sept.: Research and sketches/drawings for painting sculptures and ideas for installations.

23 Sept.: Individual critique with Nathan and Kim

30 Sept.: Group Critique [3 pieces near completion]

5 Oct.: Individual critique with Nathan and Kim

14 Oct.: Group critique [6 pieces near completion]

21 Oct.: Individual critique with Nathan and Kim [8 pieces near completion]

28 Oct.: [10 pieces completed]

17 Nov.: Individual critique with Nathan and Kim

7 Dec.: [12-14 pieces completed]

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