E. Dannielle Slaughter

Ringling College of Art + Design
Fine Arts- 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

[Artist Statement]


Starting from the actual and observed and adding non-existent fantastical elements: I combine them creating a non-archival experience with documented evidence. I like to break down my observations and put them in an order that makes since to me. I am looking to discover the responses of others when I show them a playful spectacle of events and the artifacts and documentation of those events.

Throughout working to create a piece many problems arise because of the grand ambitious nature of my overall goal. I have to then make adjustments and consider the conceptual ramifications of those adjustments. I started with wanting my work to be indefinable by medium but have begun to realize that I really just want to combine many traditional mediums into one piece; exploring my concepts in a variety of sensory experiences.


The way in which I approach my work often comes from humor and play with the tangible. Content is clarified by, and is a result of, collecting information and experimentation with material. Currently I am working to create two specific events that attempt to push the boundaries of possibility and observe the reactions to those pieces. I am very aware of the viewer and curious as to how they respond to what I give them to observe.

Another area I am concentrating on currently is the idea of landscape versus figure. I am used to seeing other artists painting landscapes outdoors but always bring those to an interior space. In reverse, I am painting a large painting of a figure on canvas that is meant to stay out doors. Over all, I am making a game that you can't win, showing the viewer the possibility of entertainment without access to the entertainment and playing with the appreciation of the vulnerable structure of the human body.

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