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Monday, September 6, 2010

Chaos, Territory, Art

Chaos, Territory, Art Response:

“Art and nothing but art! It is a great means of making life possible, the great seduction of life, the great stimulant to life. Art is the only superior counterpart to a will to denial of life” -Nietzsche

This article talks of art as an evolutionary organism, an abstract idea. But for myself, personally I cannot view art this way. It is more about what I am doing, how I see things, and what others are doing, how they see things. It is a more practical idea, something attainable and discoverable.

“ There is art and there is non-art; they are two universes (in the algebraic sense) which are exclusive…It seems to me that to call an achieved work ‘good art’ and an unachieved work ‘bad art’, is like calling one color ‘good red’ and another ‘bad red’ when the second one is green.”

-Muriel Rukeyser

[Art is the submission of its materials; paint, canvas, concrete, steel, marble, words, sounds, bodily movements, indeed any materials—to those constraints and forms through which they impact on living bodies, organs, nervous systems.]

I agree with this, it is talking about the sensual response, and it goes on to talk about the philosophy is how you understand, but the true experiences comes from the physical response to what is in front of you.

Synesthesia: the stimulation of one sense involuntarily elicits an experience in another sense [I think that the most successful art does this]

Similar mental process and goals are implemented to create structure between art and architecture.

Art= the excess of nature, talking the functional and making it not so.

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