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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Birth of the Big, Beautiful Art Market

The Birth of the Big, Beautiful Art Market

By: Dave Hickey

In this chapter of Air Guitar, Hickey talks about the art market in relation to other global and economic markets. He talks about cars and the way they consumed his life when younger. He talks about what he wants from his work and where artwork falls in line with the world it lives in. Pretty straightforward stuff. I think that this article is mainly here for us, as the reader and as an artist, to think about how we and our work fall into the art market and to get an idea of the differences between the market for today’s art and work that was make back in the day.

Jack Burgess explains Contemporary Art

Jack Burgess explains contemporary art:[4 minute video]

progression of art on black cut outs… pile of candy, reference to FGT

This video is a parodyish of the confusion that viewers experience when unfimilar with contemporary art

Contemporary art IS:

Conceptual: Not could you do it, could you think of it.

Limitless mediums and/or unusal choice of materials

About relevant issues, interactive (engaging)

His advice, to relax and talk about the things you have in common or can understand.

Humm… should we show this video to people before they walk in to our thesis shows in the crossley??