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Ringling College of Art + Design
Fine Arts- 2010

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Revised Artist Statement... and vent

[Artist Statement]-Revised...again...

The way in which I approach my work often comes from dark humor and play. I am interested in the traditional functionality of objects and in altering that function. I combine many traditional mediums in order to explore my concepts in a variety of sensory experiences.

I am making a game that the viewers can’t win, by showing them the possibility of entertainment while I control the extent in which they are able to experience or participate with that entertainment. My work is concentrating on worldly historic violence with a specific focus on Medieval war machines; combining them with contemporary child-like imagery in regards to the bold, solid colors found in ball pits, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and other iconic childhood references.

For example, I catapulted a 10-pound rib eye into a ball-pit. The balls were light weight enough that when the meat hit, they erupted into the air. Then I showed the images captured of the one-time event and displayed those suspended in the air with the sculptural remains in the gallery.

I am interested in setting up a type of conflicting experience for the viewer, subverting their automatic response. It is not my intention for a viewer to walk away from my work with an angelic feeling. It is quite the opposite; rather, I would expect the viewer to walk away with uncertainty and an unsettled stomach.

So, I am in the process of doing all of my grad school applications..I have everything completed on them except for uploading my final portfolio and statement of purpose.. I am working on those still. I got my two participatory drawings and my guillotine sculpture done over break.. Monday we start back in classes.. and I have decided that since I am not happy with the way any of my critiques/oral preps have been successful or constructive from last semester and with actual orals just over a week away (ahh..) that I am no longer going to talk about things in my work that I do not want to talk about. I have felt as though their are certain concepts or questions that peers and professors have brought up that suggest that they want me to talk about those aspects in my work. I will continue to answer questions to the best of my ability but as far as any initiating of conversation or opening statements are concern, from here on out, I am strictly sticking to what it is about the work that I want and would like others to discuss with me. I think that I was just going about this whole talking about our work thing the wrong way, so I am going to try and change that. As far as grad schools are concerned, I am sending in applications to Hunter College (top choice), NYU, Rutgers, and Montclair... the first three deadlines are up on Friday..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sketches for drawings in progress:

Press Release

Ringling College Galleries announces the opening of: The Second Coming

Featuring the work of Senior Fine Art Majors:

Brittney Hollinger, E. Dannielle Slaughter, Paul Link

Opening reception in Crossley Gallery: Friday, October 29, 2010 from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

The exhibition will continue Monday, November 1 through Friday, November 5, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The artists' statements:

Brittney Hollinger

"I create flat social situations that explore some types of personal-to-public memory intervention using several varieties of two-dimensional media. When making these scenes I intend to establish a dialog between figures of different origins (Mostly Parties) by placing them in the same literal or conceptual space."

E. Dannielle Slaughter

"Starting from the actual and observed and adding non-existent fantastical elements I combine them creating a non-archival experience with documented evidence. I like to break down my observations and put them in an order that makes sense to me. I am looking to discover theresponses of others when I show them a playful spectacle of events and the artifacts and documentation of those events.

The way in which I approach my work often comes from humor and play with the tangible. I started with wanting my work to be indefinable by medium but have begun to realize that I really just want to combine many traditional mediums into one piece exploring my concepts in a variety of sensory experiences."

Paul Link

"Currently my work is about the visceral aspects of painting and how they relate to the world around me and my inability to deal with it in a satisfactory way. My intent is to use aggressive mark making and mostly arbitrary color choices with a literal hands-on approach in response tothe preponderance of digital media in our culture. I believe digital media can accomplish things that traditional media cannot and vice versa. However, at this moment in time, on the world stage as it exists, for me, it seems work informed by the blatant emotionalism and naive intensity of both German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism can best demonstratethe chronic, territorial self indulgence of the walking nervous breakdown that is both the planet and my life."



Tuesday Sept 7th- Individual Critique with Kim- antwerp show work/beginning of semester work
Thursday Sept 9th- Individual Critique with Nathan- antwerp show work/beginning of semester work
October 7th- Group Critique with Kris and Paul- plans for sculptures and video work
October 26th- Group Critique with Paul and Brittney- senior thesis show work
October 29th- Senior Thesis Show with Brittney and Paul
November 4th- Individual Critique with Nathan and Ryan- Senior thesis show work
November 5th- Individual Critique with Kim- Senior thesis show work
December 9th- Group Critique with Nathan and thesis class- Prep for orals.

Studio visits with Visiting Artists:
Harmony Hammond
Jesse Bransford
Andrew Atkinson
Chris Gentile

Submitted or In process for Submission Proposals:

Art takes Miami: http://www.arttakesmiami.com/edannielleslaughter
Graduate Schools:
Hunter College
Columbia University
Chicago Art Institute
Cal Arts
University of Louisville

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Birth of the Big, Beautiful Art Market

The Birth of the Big, Beautiful Art Market

By: Dave Hickey

In this chapter of Air Guitar, Hickey talks about the art market in relation to other global and economic markets. He talks about cars and the way they consumed his life when younger. He talks about what he wants from his work and where artwork falls in line with the world it lives in. Pretty straightforward stuff. I think that this article is mainly here for us, as the reader and as an artist, to think about how we and our work fall into the art market and to get an idea of the differences between the market for today’s art and work that was make back in the day.

Jack Burgess explains Contemporary Art

Jack Burgess explains contemporary art:[4 minute video]

progression of art on black cut outs… pile of candy, reference to FGT

This video is a parodyish of the confusion that viewers experience when unfimilar with contemporary art

Contemporary art IS:

Conceptual: Not could you do it, could you think of it.

Limitless mediums and/or unusal choice of materials

About relevant issues, interactive (engaging)

His advice, to relax and talk about the things you have in common or can understand.

Humm… should we show this video to people before they walk in to our thesis shows in the crossley??