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Ringling College of Art + Design
Fine Arts- 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Antwerp train station dance video and the sound of music crossdressing...

So, I saw this video while I was in Antwerp, everyone over there really likes it, I liked it too. My friend Lieke was the one who showed it to me. There are actually a lot of public art pieces that happen at the central station in Antwerp. While I was over there an artist built a small house and lived in the station for several weeks and you could go into his house and he would read with you. I went in his house and talked with him, but didn't really listen to much of his reading. So I liked this video...

The other video is a guy talking about the metaphor in the sound of music. The movie was about the reveralsal of roles in regards to the jewish influence and strengh on culture, politics, art, etc that the german nazi wanted. Focused on the von trapp family, although the play/movie is not at all historicially accurate to the actual von trapp family.

Do - Re - Mi

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